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At Anahatt Technologies Magento developers have consistently endeavored to join into the stage a plenty of technologies, intending to make it unmatched in its usefulness and capacities. Accordingly, Magento Technology Store comprises of incredible technologies set that empower designers with a wide scope of abilities for their activities.

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Professional Magento Development Agency, Chandigarh

Anahatt Technologies is offering full-stack Magento development and support services. We work with a goal to give you time-on-time store improvements so that your business will show better performance, revenue, and ranks as well. With a team of professional Magento developers, we make you offer personalised Magento solutions. With more than a decade of experience as developers and promoters of eCommerce businesses, we have built many eCommerce stores that prove to be profit-making businesses for you.

We offer best Magento Development Services

Anahatt Technologies is experts in delivering Magento development solutions. We believe in forever learning and thus make you get the quality and updated services in the market. If you are in search of the best Magento developers in Chandigarh then we will be your best choice and offer Magento development services.

A wide range of Customized Magento Development Services as per your Business Requirements

Custom Magento Web Development

Anahatt Technologies have a team of software designers who look for solutions of the open-source magneto to offer you 3rd party integration for Magento ERP and POS, multi-trading performance, and relocating administrations.

Magento Theme Development

Anahatt Technologies is a name established name in Chandigarh as a Magento website development company. We worked with a team of Front-end Developers to offer you highly active, easy front-end Magento theme development.

Custom Magento Extension Development

Anahatt Technologies works with a team of experts having specialisation in creating web-based business stores and makes the custom Magento extensions development to be used for various services and error-free coding and verified extensions.

Magento Headless PWA Development

Our team of expert developers offers your users a top-class experience in coordination with headless PWA development with your eStore. Our expert Magento Mobile App designers give a unique application experience for the users.

Customized Website Design

We have a team of plugin developers who prepares a personalised solution to make your users feel intact and that is possible with an exceptional UI layout. We make this layout easily assessable so you can make a better connection with them.

Payment Gateway Integration

We understand that Magento platforms understand different financial forms. We have a range of Magento designers and developers to make sure your payment gateway integration is done. We make that done personally as per your business requirement.

Magento Website Management

We are offering top-class website management services with different operational advancements that can be accessed easily at the expert work area of Magento. Our dedicated team of Magento developers provides you with experienced results for their allotted tasks with their knowledge and skills.

Customized module development

We have a team of experts for Magento module development experienced in creating the best eCommerce web portals for your business. It makes them grow well with time. With our Magento migration services, we provide personalised module development under budget.

Hire Expert Team of Magento Developers in Chandigarh

Get Premium and Scalable Magento Development Services

Hire our expert team of Magento developers that provide outstanding Magento ecommerce solutions to assist your business to grow

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Platforms and Technologies We Use for Magneto Development

Magento Web Servers


Apache is an open-source web-server; Magento is well suited with web server Apache 2.2.X or2.4.X. Magento is mainly chosen by the clients to run their ecommerce websites.


Nginx web server is useful for reverse proxy for HTTPS, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, and IMAP Protocols, Load balancer and HTTP cache.

Magento PHP

PHP makes the coding routine simple and fast. Magento is well suited with PHP 5.5 and 5.6 works with wit PHP 7 also.

Magento Database


MySQL is a Relational Database Management System. Magento uses MySQL database triggers at reindexing, at the same time, do not hold the MySQL Statement.

Additional Technologies of Magento


HTML is a markup language. It presents for structuring frontend modules as well simplify the development process.


Magento apply CSS which replaces links from the source files of CSS.


Magento built this fast and lightweight javascript by default.


RequireJS function for browser as a file and module loader optimizer and related module in Magento 2. It loads JavaScript resources on demand.


Knockout.js is a single JavaScript execution, which is simply used JavaScript UIs with Model-View-View Model pattern.

Zend Framework

Single Zend framework does not rely by Magento, instead it has adapters and interfaces for tunneling calls.


Symfony helps to fast up the speed for developing work by granting to avoid the repetitive tasks for coding. It is a third-party PHP framework and store reusable PHP modules.

Magento Optional Store Components





Why Choose Anahatt Technologies for Magento Development?

Magento services at Anahatt Technologies helps your business in handling the assorted business challenges that face visionary, transformative organizations. Our edge is gotten from our immediate access to Magento item proprietors and designers, unmatched experience, particular start to finish project approach, and mix of in-house and industry best practices

Magento for ecommerce is a technique to success

Open Source

It is one of the main and big reasons that why magento for ecommerce top choice for the developers to connect to the fact that it is open source. Through this anyone who has knowledge about magento website development can use its advantage. Experts in magento, can boost up the performance of magento online store and promote your ecommerce website with advanced features of developing and installing the magento modules.

Magento Community

If anyone as developer facing an issue with magento ecommerce website, you can keep in mind as the trusted community in helping to provide the complete guidelines and error fixing for the particular issue. It is a very safe and fastest platform.

for an Ecommerce Platform

Magento relates to ecommerce like a body to soul, it is a perfect match. Magento is for all online business CMS. It offers the complete solutions for the ecommerce with comprehensive designs and features.

Superior Support

Magento platform provide the valuable additions in terms of security, stability and support. This active support help to improve the platform better user experience.

High Performance

Anahatt Technologies makes sure about the perfect performance of your website. Considering the loading page time, query processing time and other dynamic or static operations, magento ecommerce is the best and winner.


Magento allows you to perform multitasking at the same time simultaneously, it make you to work on some other important tasks, as it saves lots of the time in doing side by side tasks.


Magento developers can develop a unique and remarkable user experience/frontend based on access to the multiple devices. At magento store you can customize the back-end to meet the specific requirements.

Mobile Experience

If you want to make your online business successful, you need to work on efforts in catering your mobile-savvy buyers. This is the reason why Magento is compatible with smart phones for ecommerce websites.

Ease of Integration

Magento allows you to integrate quickly with number of third-party services like payment system, transportation, shipping, tracking order etc.

SEO friendly

Magento provides the packed features for SEO including, SEO friendly URL structure, tags, descriptions etc. Anahatt Technologies advise you to use these SEO features and take advantage to your business.

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