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AR Digital Solutions is a prominent technology firm known for serving expert technical assistance. Our qualified specialists having the goal of serving the client with quick responses to the issues with excellent services. Contact us if you require software developers for fast, cost-friendly, and efficient technical solutions to your business needs. So, whether you are a small or a medium-scale business, ask for personalized IT support or services to the firms operating from inside and outside Australia.

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Top class IT Staff Augmentation Company in Australia

For the last some years, the demand for technical resources has increased rapidly, and to deal with this important issue, AR Digital Solutions is offering IT Staff Augmentation services to Australia. We have a team of experts updated with leading technologies who can be a perfect fit for projects of different sizes. We, being a custom software development company have a team from which you can choose the experts on the fit need basis. Get the candidates hired for the long-term, short-term, or even for a week. If confused about the same then also can guide you to choose the best one for you.

IT Staff Augmentation Services We Provide

When your organization is missing any technical expert for the short or long term, then the AR Digital solution is the right option for you. You can contact us regarding your business need and we provide you with the best technical expert according to your needs.

Technologies We Use

Web Developers Using the Technologies:
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress
  • Laravel Development
  • Node.js Development
  • Codeigniter Development
Mobile App Developers Using the Technologies:
  • Java Script Development
  • Flutter Development

Our offerings for IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

AR digital solutions have a team of expert technicians knowing, and experience to plug into your already present IT department. You can hire these experts for fit to need basis. Make a wise choice depending on the expertise for short- or long-term projects. Given are the reasons people choose our managed IT solution company for providing onsite technical resources.

Vendor Transition

With our IT Staff Augmentation, we help you with hiring a new employee. Outsourcing is a great idea to get experts at a lesser cost and it is a great idea when there is a vendor transition. Your seller is changed and so are the requirements to get the best fit for the new vendor for the short or long term.

Adding Experts To Existing Project

You can add a specific skill set to your current project without making a change to your existing staff. We will provide you with an expert team member which is experienced and have the skill to match your project needs.

Long-Term Staff Augmentation

To hire web developers, designers, and technical support whether, on a permanent or contract basis, you can give us a call. There may be a lot of reasons for the IT team augmentation but the solution can be one and that is IT Staff Augmentation with AR digital solutions.

Short-Term Augmentation

when you are hiring a new employee for the business then it can end with a cost load, but outsourcing the expert with us for the short-term will be a cost-effective idea. Get done with this easier, faster solution or short-term augmentation.

Make an Effective and Efficient Addition to Your Already Existing IT Team

Upscale and Up Skill Your business with our Staff Augmentation Services

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Our IT Augmented Teams

AR Digital Solutions is one of the best choices for IT Staff Augmentation in your region. We are offering a range of services that will be a perfect fit for your needs. We promise you the experts to hire immediate joining at a flexible price range basedo the client, project, and the term you are hiring the expert for.

Web Developers

We have a team of expert web developers who can beautifully craft your vision into a UI/UX website leaving a positive impact on the users. They are updated with leading technologies and use them for web development.


Having an idea for the business is good, but we have highly skilled web designers who can make your website visually pleasing. Contact us for hiring the designing magicians for the long or short term based on your requirements.

Software Testers

Having a well-crafted design and completely developed website is good for the business but ensuring it is running smoothly is essential. For this purpose, we have a team, of software testers who will check for errors if any. Hire them for the betterment of your company's growth.

Mobile Developers

Our team of developers has expertise in developing apps supporting iOS and android. You can make them work in collaboration with your existing team or hire them, particularly for a short or long-term project.

Why Choose Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Get sources or short or long-term hiring for website designers, developers, or technical support for the growth of your business with us. AR Digital Solutions is one of the leading names in IT Staff Augmentation for clients. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the requirements of the clients and try to fill that with the right candidate. We give your reasons to choose us and for the purpose have a look at that

No-Hassle Recruitment

You ask for your requirements and we will give you the team of experts you can recruit the most suitable among them. Nothing can be hassle-free than making a hiring expert with us.

Low Operational Cost

Get done with the advertisement, interview, and technical assessment for the team of experts to get the best developers who are ready for integration under your budget.

Deadline Commitment

We work with experts who understand the value of on-time delivery and hiring them means you will be able to always fulfill the deadline commitment, a positive point for your business growth.

Full Control

You can hire short, long term technical experts for your project without hassle with us. After hiring they will become part of your business and you can keep control of their work.

High Performance

We felt proud to have a team of experts having more than a decade of experience in their fields They are updated with the leading technologies and hiring them to ensure high performance.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer is a king and our designers, developers, and IT professionals understand that and thus, work with the goal of complete user satisfaction which is essential for your business growth as well.

Competitive Price

Hire the best-in-class professionals the support the project for the short or long term at a highly competitive price.

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